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I wonder if the east coast is still awake?

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s late over there.


Clutch rebound by Odom #TheBryant24

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Wow, Odom has had one amazing game tonight. From hitting three’s to driving to the hoop, to that clutch rebound of the Kobe miss.

How did that game go into overtime?

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The Lakers were up at 20 points at one time. Even getting close to the end of the game the Lakers were up 10… What Happened

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Announcer “Lamar Odom. So smooth, so confident.” It’s true but dang… announcer, keep it in your pants. #TheBryant24

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Did anyone else think that was funny? I bet that announcer goes home watches re runs of keeping up with the Kardashians and has a shrine of Lamar Odom in his closet. Lol. Lamar Odom is a great player!

Steve Blake looks funny while playing defense.

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Look at Steve Blake the next time he’s on defense. I am not saying he’s bad on defense I’m just saying he looks funny while doing it. I don’t know how to describe it but he flails his arms and takes short wide steps. Kind of looks like a monkey. I’m just saying. Steve Blake is a good ball player. He may not be the fastest point guard in the NBA but he is quite reliable and can knock down threes.

Who was a better backup for Derick Fisher? #TheBryant24

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Jordan Farmar or Steve Blake? Farmar seemed to have his on and off nights. He was never really a threat from Three point territory but he was quick on his way to the basket. This season I don’t think I have seen Steve Blake drive at the basket once. He’s just not quick enough… Farmar is now over playing for the New Jersey Nets. What do you think? Do you like Steve Blake or wish we could have Jordan Farmar back?

Kobe back to back three pointers #TheBryant24

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Kobe is on fire right now against the Suns. This is the Kobe that we want to see going into the playoffs. The Lakers play smart, they see the end of the season is near and are making the final push. First place in the western conference my be out of reach but the Lakers length (Bynum and Gasol) are devastating for the Spurs. More action to come