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Spurs drop a game to the Nuggets. Can the Lakers catch the Spurs?

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The answer. Probably not. With 11 games left to go in the regular season the Spurs would have to make a huge mistake to drop six games and the Lakers would have to play perfect. True the Lakers have been a very hot team since the all star break but there is really no way they can obtain the number one seat in the western conference.

Is that something to worry about?
The Spurs are a team that plays extremely well but their cryptonite are bigs. Bigs like the Lakers two 7 footers Bynum and Gasol and even Lamar Odom at 6’10. The Lakers will dominate down low in rebounds and points in the paint.


Kobe back to back three pointers #TheBryant24

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Kobe is on fire right now against the Suns. This is the Kobe that we want to see going into the playoffs. The Lakers play smart, they see the end of the season is near and are making the final push. First place in the western conference my be out of reach but the Lakers length (Bynum and Gasol) are devastating for the Spurs. More action to come