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Lakers Clippers Recap

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

March 25th 2011

Lakers led by as much as 23 during this game the Clippers would not give up and kept fighting back. A majority of this game the Lakers held onto a 5 to 10 point lead.

Blake Griffin always exciting as ever to watch. You could here the animosity in the Staples Center when Griffin went to the hole.

Kobe Bryant had a great game. He was really aggressive displaying his wide variety of skills. Kobe Bryant has the best mid range game in the NBA. Tonight his pull up jumpers and fade away shots were dead on. This is great in preparation for the Playoffs.

Pau said in his interview that the Lakers are not worried about catching the Spurs who tonight just dropped another game. This puts the Lakers at five games behind the Spurs.

Can the Lakers catch the Spurs? We will see.